Microsoft(s MSFT) has chosen the brand names under which it will sell Windows 8, the company’s most important product launch in a generation. There’s good news and bad news: Microsoft has smartly cut down on the number of versions that consumers and businesses will have to choose between, but it has chosen to give its first ARM-friendly operating system a weird name, perhaps in deference to an old friend.

The three brand names for Windows 8 were announced late Monday on Microsoft’s corporate blog. Traditional Intel(s INTC) or AMD-based PCs(s AMD) will be available under the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro brands. But Intel-based tablets will also be available as “Windows 8” devices, while tablets based on chips designed by ARM(s ARMH) will be called “Windows RT,” a name that had bloggers and tech enthusiasts squawking within minutes of its release.

Given that Microsoft has invested the bulk…

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