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The Nigeria Medical Association says that about 1million Nigerians live with the bleeding disorder called haemophilia

The Chairman, Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, Edamisan Temiye, says that one million Nigerians live with haemophilia, a genetic bleeding disorder arising from faulty clotting mechanism.

Mr. Temiye made the statement on Tuesday in Lagos during activities to mark the 2012 World Haemophilia Day (WHD).

He said that most of the afflicted are ignorant of symptoms of the disease.

“The NMA and the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria (HFN) are working to bridge the gap between afflicted individuals and the government, so that people living with the disorder can begin to get adequate care.

“In the developed countries, people living with the disorder are well treated and are not restricted from activities, unlike in Nigeria where such people are usually restricted to avoid excessive bleeding,” he said.

According to him, haemophilia…

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