Lawmakers are taking turns lambasting the General Services Administration for its lavish spending habits, and the agency will endure a third consecutive day of scrutiny Wednesday when two Senate committees review its budget, the Washington Post reports.

The federal government’s real estate and supply agency made waves for stiffing taxpayers with an $823,000 bill from a Las Vegas conference in October 2010, but further probes revealed a history of excessive spending and misconduct. For instance, while most interns survive on monthly stipends, GSA treated about 120 of its interns to a five-day conference at a Palm Springs, Calif., resort in May 2010. More recently, an investigation led by Inspector General Brian D. Miller found 115 missing Apple iPods meant for an employee-rewards program.

(MORE: GSA Testimony Becomes Tense on 2nd Day)

Thanks to Miller’s investigation into the agency and its fete, taxpayers can see how their hard-earned cash is put to use…

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