Steam Trains and Ghosts

I finally caved and bought a New York Times digital subscription.

Remember the furor when the Times went to a subscription model for its website about a year ago?  No newspaper had ever successfully restricted their online content like this, because people wanted it free.  Living on a grad student stipend, I didn’t want to pay for it either, so I limped along on my 20 free articles a month.  Now the Times has announced that they’re reducing the monthly free articles from 20 to 10, and you know what?  I want that news.  The New York Times has some of the best news on the Internet, and I’m willing to pay for their world-class editorial board and analysis.

Which brings me to a couple of hypotheses.  First, that the Internet is getting more mature and people are figuring out how to make a business out of it.  Second, that…

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