Las Vegas Hotel Prices – Why They Fluctuate Wildly


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All desirable locations all over the world draw millions of visitors and tourists annually to hundreds of different hotels and motels in each particular locale creating hundreds of millions of dollars for the local community; however, competition between local hotels and motels, changing seasons, and local situations create changing and fluctuating hotel prices – Las Vegas hotel prices are no different. Over the last two decades, Las Vegas has developed into one of the fastest growing tourist towns in the United States – if not the world.

Dozens of high end hotels, each more involved and dramatic than the last, have been constructed with at least a dozen more in the planning stages of development. All of this construction has created an atmosphere that has driven a huge increase in tourism. However, like other tourist cities, competition has created wildly fluctuating hotel prices. Figure in the dramatic climate changes in Las Vegas and action associated in gambling, and hotel prices can vary by hundreds of dollars for identical suites.

With the construction of huge, high end entertainment facilities that combine hotels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment facilities, retail space, and dozens of other high end amenities under the same roof, the associated competition has created a dramatic local economy. Each facility tries to under price the other while trying to ensure the highest profit margin possible. Thus, each hotel wants to offer a lowest enough price to guarantee a steady stream of customers while maintaining a high enough market value to guarantee a profit. It is a tricky balancing act to master.

Added to this balancing act that every other business must truck through is the tough atmosphere that surrounds Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada is a city associated with gambling, big players, and big spenders. The city has worked hard to create an atmosphere that caters to these big spenders. After all the more money a person spends within the city limits, the more money is invested into the local economy. Therefore, local hotels offer high end amenities including name brand retail fronts, five star dining options, and world case entertainment in order to draw these wealthier tourists to town.

Surprisingly, these whales (as they are locally known) often pay next to nothing for their hotel accommodations. This is true because the big spenders often come to Las Vegas only to gamble. Since the house holds a huge advantage over every gambler, they often end up on top. Sometimes a single gambler can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single night. Therefore, each hotel, which also contains a casino, wants these whales to stay at their facility. Because of this, these hotels offer these big spenders huge discounts on suites because the count on them to spend ten times the value of the suites at their amenities. Thus, hotels want to attract both the discount spenders and the big spenders thereby creating huge variances in Las Vegas hotel prices.

On top of these complications is the added discomfort of the local climate. Las Vegas is located in the middle of one of the hottest deserts in the United States. Thus, hotels offer huge discounts during the hotter summer months in order to draw tourists to the uncomfortable climate.

For all of these reasons, there are huge variances between Las Vegas hotel prices. 

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