So much drama in the LBC…We mean LV!!



Camilla represented for her city LBC (Long Beach, CA) on last nights episode of #BGC8 lol. They thought they could treat her like they did Elease, not knowing “She about that life” (*Erika voice)…Now Mimi’s dumb ass walked right into that ass whooping! And I loved Camilla for telling Elease “I didn’t touch YOUR things, this bed was purchased by the Bad Girls Club,” which is true. If anything, Elease should’ve joined forces with Camilla and got her revenge on the rest of them hoes for jumping her! I also don’t understand why Camilla got sent home for fighting, when they’ve been throwing punches at each other all season! Smh…And I’m so tired of these heffas throwin clothes and mattresses in the pool. That sh*t is old.

This season of the Bad Girls Club was so wack, I doubt I’d care to watch the next season….However, I will definitely be…

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