Google+ Yet?

If you haven’t joined the crowds of people in the know that are jumping onto the Google+ band wagon, I invite you to read a little bit about a new service that Google+ offers.  You can’t get this anywhere else with the same community that enjoys the luxuries of Google+.  Just ask Joe Saad.

“After experiencing my first couple of hangouts in July of last year, I knew that Google had created a tool that could change industries,” says Joe Saad. The web-savvy entrepreneur is first focusing on changing the way people learn how to cook.

If you want to hear more, please visit Fast Company, “3 Ways To Work Smarter Using Google+ Hangouts“.

Also, if you do decide to sign up for Google+ please add me to one of your circles!

Click here to add, Ginger Marian!

Ginger M,

Las Vegas Escort Service


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